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1. Collect of information

We collect informations that you send us on our web site. These include your name, email address and phone number ...

2. Use of the informations

  • All the informations asked ans collected from you can be used to :
  • improve the service to the customer.
  • Contact you by email.

3. Confidentiality of on line commercial purchase.


4. Divulgation to someone

We neither sell, nor exchange or transfert you personal information to any one !.

5. Protection of personnal informations

We use several security systems to keep your personal informations safe. We use a very modern cryptal system to protect all our informations.

Very few employees have an acces to personnal informations of our custommers, the computers used to treat personal information are kept in a secured aera.

Do we use cookies ?

Yes. Our cookies improuve acces to our web site and identify our regular visitors. Also our cookies provides best experience on our web site with pointing the interests of the visitors on our website. Nevertheless the cookies are in no way related to any personnel information you may have given us.

6. Change your information or quit our newsletter.

We strictly use email adress you gave us to send information about your order, our company or partners. At any time if you wish to stop receiving such messages, please email or phone us.

7. Agreement

By using our site you agree with our confidentiality policy.